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Personal Finance Tips for Small Business Owners | Timothy P. Lofton

As a small business owner, it’s especially important to pay attention to personal finances. Some business owners make the mistake of mixing personal accounts with business funds. This can lead to many problems and put you in a bind. Read on to find out more about the personal finance tips for small business owners that can putContinue reading “Personal Finance Tips for Small Business Owners | Timothy P. Lofton”

Running Mistakes To Avoid | Timothy P. Lofton

Running is an activity that is good for all aspects of your health. Running can keep you in shape, help you to socialize, and even improve your mental wellbeing. However, there are mistakes you can make during running that can work against you. Let’s take a look at some of the most common running mistakesContinue reading “Running Mistakes To Avoid | Timothy P. Lofton”

Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves | Timothy Lofton

Becoming a leader is not the end of your work. It is an exceptional accomplishment, but you should still strive each day to reach various goals and become the best leader you can be. The ability to ask questions is a skill every leader should possess. It is beneficial to you and your team, whoContinue reading “Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves | Timothy Lofton”

Key Leadership Trends 2021 | Timothy Lofton

2020 obviously was a challenging year for a variety of reasons.  Between a global pandemic, uncertainty in the market and it being an election year; upheaval proved to be a common theme for the year.  This turmoil has left businesses questioning traditional practices and exploring new means of workplace motivation.  Leaders have a unique challengeContinue reading “Key Leadership Trends 2021 | Timothy Lofton”

Three Signs You’re Ready to Do an Ironman

Competing in an ironman competition is something that many athletes consider doing. It’s so incredibly difficult that even the most in-shape athletes question whether they’re ready to go for it. Take a look at the following three signs that you’re ready to do an ironman. If you check all of the right boxes, then you’ll beContinue reading “Three Signs You’re Ready to Do an Ironman”

What Happens When You Stop Running?

Marathon running is not an easy sport to commit to. It takes a level of physical and mental toughness that goes above and beyond the average person. Those who compete in these races do so not just to prove to themselves that they can, but for the most part, they actually enjoy them.  The human body wasn’tContinue reading “What Happens When You Stop Running?”

How to Train for Your First Ultra Marathon | Timothy Lofton

So, you want to compete in an ultra marathon and you’re wondering just how you should go about training. This certainly isn’t going to be an easy task and you’re going to need to take your training very seriously so that you can get good results. Read on to see how you should be training forContinue reading “How to Train for Your First Ultra Marathon | Timothy Lofton”

Seven Ways to Improve Your Tennis Game | Timothy P. Lofton

Tennis is one of the most popular sports for a reason and it can be a lot of fun to learn. If you’re trying to become a better tennis player, then you’ll want to focus on key areas that will improve your game. Look at these seven ways that you can improve your tennis game below. Continue reading “Seven Ways to Improve Your Tennis Game | Timothy P. Lofton”

Eight Tips for Trail Running | Timothy P. Lofton

Trail running can be very fun, but it’s important to do things as safely as you can. If you keep the following eight trail running tips in mind, then you’re going to have a better time. If you’re still new to trail running, then this is a good opportunity to pick up sound advice. SimplyContinue reading “Eight Tips for Trail Running | Timothy P. Lofton”

Seven Things No One Tells You About Running a Marathon | Timothy P. Lofton

Deciding to run a marathon can be very exciting when you’re the type of person who wants to challenge themselves. Even so, there are many potential issues that can make running a marathon tough. Take a look at the following seven things no one tells you about running a marathon.  Fear Might Set in TheContinue reading “Seven Things No One Tells You About Running a Marathon | Timothy P. Lofton”